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Ultimate Trick Graphics
Mainly icons though. Wassup.
23rd-Sep-2008 04:56 pm
Merlin (BBC): 01x01

# Comment & credit to openskies  or ultimate_trick .
# Textless icons are NOT bases.
# Please don't edit my icons.


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24th-Sep-2008 12:25 pm (UTC) - yeah, well, you know, in LoTR
they have the Ents/hobbits.
I really , really like trees, but I dont want to read porn stories about them...*shudders*.

I am all for free world, and freedom of writing and reading any kind of kinky fics, as long as it floats your boat, but plspls PUT ALL PROPER WARNINGS in your header, thank you very much *g*.
I am not trolling, i am not flaming, I only try to leave positive feedback, and all i ask in return is proper warnings.
24th-Sep-2008 12:53 pm (UTC) - Re: yeah, well, you know, in LoTR
ENTS/HOBBITS?! WHAT?! Yeah, trees are cool but... noooo.

It doesn't take much to just stick a warning at the top of fic, I quite agree. At least then you don't have the horrible misfortune of clicking something that it turns out you REALLY don't want to see. It's just courteous!
24th-Sep-2008 12:58 pm (UTC) - yup, and to get back to our main topic :D
between trees, hobbits and dumbledore and harry, we should be happy that we can stick to Arthur and Merlin :DD
24th-Sep-2008 01:01 pm (UTC) - Re: yup, and to get back to our main topic :D
Yes. Merlin/Arthur who are around the same age in the show. And after this conversation I appreciate it just that little bit more. ;-)
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